Survey: Essential Services for Sex Workers

SWOP is currently working on a few initiatives to help ensure that individuals in the sex trade receive access to essential services and improve the experiences of individuals in the sex trade with service providers.*

Before we launch these initiatives, we want to get a better understanding of what essential services individuals in the sex trade aren’t getting and why they are not getting them. By filling out this survey you’ll help SWOP develop a better understanding of what you want and need and you’ll also help us with advocacy work to improve your ability to get those things.

*   *   *

All responses will remain completely anonymous, and we ask that you only fill out those questions you want to/feel comfortable filling out/think are important.

You are invited but not required to include your email address for follow-up questions or further SWOP support.

All survey respondents will get 3 free raffle tickets at SWOP’s Benefit on Thursday. So if you’re coming, fill it out for the chance to win free schwag!

Thanks again for your help!

*Essential services mean things like access to law enforcement protection when you’re in a dangerous situation or have been the victim of a crime; medical care; education; legal counsel; counseling and therapy; and housing. Service providers include any and all professionals who are charged with providing essential things, like protection from violence, prosecution of criminals, defense after arrest, medical care, shelter, housing, case-management, substance-abuse-treatment, and counseling.

If this form is malfunctioning, please use the original version of our form.

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