Condoms, Syringe-Exchange or STD Testing


* = reported positive experiences from adult workers

Click here for a comprehensive list of free condom distribution sites in Chicago!

Click here for a comprehensive list of free condom distribution sites in Chicago!

Chicago Recovery Alliance*

Mobile Van with Multiple Locations

Free HIV, Hep C, Syphillis, Gonorrhea & Chlamydia screening at various mobile van locations. Syringe Exchange. Condoms. See website for details, and call for tests available at each location.

Howard Brown*

4025 N. Sheridan (Main Office)

 Free HIV, Hep C, + Syphillis Testing. Low-Cost Comprehensive Screening. Condoms.

Also offer Free HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia screening on select days at Steamworks (3246 N. Halsted), Club Krave (13126 S. Western Ave – Blue Island),  Antonios (6319 W. Roosevelt Rd. – Berwyn), Brown Elephant (217 Harrison Street – Oak Park) and Hideaway (7301 Roosevelt Rd – Forest Park)

Broadway Youth Center*

3338 N. Broadway

Free HIV, Syphillis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia screening.

Planned Parenthood*

Multiple Locations.

Comprehensive STD Testing and medical care is free with the Pink Card. Sliding scale + Insurance Accepted. Some drop-in appointments are available.

Chicago Womens’ Health Center*

3435 N. Sheridan

Sliding-Scale testing. Fees depend on tests ordered. Call for more information.


Young Womens Empowerment Project
Our mission as the Young Women’s Empowerment Project is to offer safe, respectful, free-of-judgment spaces for girls and young women impacted by the sex trade and street economies to recognize their goals, dreams and desires. We are run by girls and women with life experience in the sex trade and street economies. We are a youth leadership organization grounded in harm reduction and social justice organizing by and for girls and young women (ages 12-23) impacted by the sex trade and street economies.

ReThink Resources
Rethink Resources offers a deeper understanding of the issues facing youth in the sex trade through workshops, speaking engagements and consulting services. With this crucial information it’s more possible for communities to really support youth who’ve been involved in trading sex for money or survival needs with practical, experience-based options for anyone who wants to make a difference. Find out more here about what I can do for you.

The Chicago Recovery Alliance
(CRA) is a racially and ethnically diverse group composed of people living with HIV and drug use, working in addiction treatment, health care, education, law and assorted other areas. The Chicago Recovery Alliance is unique as an organization in that the community of individuals affected by HIV and drug use primarily involved in consuming drugs and support around living with HIV. The Chicago Recovery Alliance is an action organization for those interested in directly serving, supporting, educating, and advocating with others for reducing drug-related harm.


Harm Reduction Coalition
The Harm Reduction Coalition (HRC) is committed to reducing drug-related harm among individuals and communities by initiating and promoting local, regional, and national harm reduction education, interventions, and community organizing. HRC fosters alternative models to conventional health and human services and drug treatment; challenges traditional client/provider relationships; and provides resources, educational materials, and support to health professionals and drug users in their communities to address drug-related harm.The Harm Reduction Coalition believes in every individual’s right to health and well-being as well as in their competency to protect and help themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.


International Harm Reduction Association
IHRA works with local, national, regional and international organisations to assist individuals and communities in the areas of Improving public health and protecting human rights, Decreasing the spread of HIV/AIDS and other blood borne infections, Fostering dialogue with other organizations, Encouraging discussion about the relationship between drug policy and public health, Promoting dialogue with the criminal justice system regarding the interaction between public health and public order, Encouraging the adoption of evidence based and cost effective prevention and treatment strategies, Promoting and supporting harm reduction networks, Encouraging effective efforts to reduce initiation into drug use and the progression to problematic use, Promoting balanced and accurate education about drugs in schools and the community, Disseminating information through meetings and printed and electronic publications, Developing and providing university education and professional training, Creating and maintaining a data base of harm reduction projects and practitioners, Supporting international exchange activities, and Promoting research.

North American Syringe Exchange Network (NASEN)
Dedicated to the creation, expansion and continued existence of syringe exchange programs as a proven method of stopping the transmission of blood borne pathogens in the injecting drug using community.

Sex Worker Harm Reduction Initiative Project Directory From OSI
Published in June 2001, the directory is a comprehensive listing of IHRD’s sex worker initiative grantees, IHRD partner organizations and Technical Advisors, and additional contacts for funding, training, and technical assistance. The directory provides descriptions of grantees’ work in harm reduction and sex work and offers background information on this IHRD initiative.

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