If you would like SWOP-Chicago’s assistance with legal referrals, advice or general support please contact us at (312) 252-3880.

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Journalists, Researchers, and Student Researchers- Please read our statement before contacting us.





2 comments on “CONTACT US

  1. Bryan Heitz says:

    I am relocating to Chicago this fall upon graduation from graduate school. I have been a Sexuality and HIV/AIDS Community Educator for seven years at campus, community, and state levels. I hold a B.S. in psychological science and counseling. I am a humanist and activist willing to offer my services in any way possible and would also be interested in other agencies working with similar target populations (paid or unpaid–volunteering is crucial to critical pedagogy).

    Thank you for your time, cooperation, and WORK that you do!

    B. C. Heitz

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