Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault Support

Services for Survivors of Violence  listed here are FREE.

The organizations have experience working with adult workers, and provide judgement-free, nonshaming support.

Center on Halsted – Anti-Violence Project

Provides english and spanish-language support to survivors of anti-LGBTQ, queer, questioning or HIV discrimination, hate violence, domestic abuse, sexual violence or assault or police abuse or violence,

Offers a 24-hour hotline, support in anonymously reporting incidents, and counseling.

(773) 871-CARE — 24 Hour Hotline

Domestic Violence Resources

Apna Ghar



4350 North Broadway

Wilson Red

Asian Cultural Competency. Domestic Violence Housing, Counseling & 24-hour Hotline.

Mujeres Latinas En Accion

312.738.5358 (hotline)

1823 West 17th St.

18th St. Pink Line

Location Also in North Riverside.

Spanish-Speaking. Domestic Violence counseling, Case Management, parenting classes, peer-support and organizing


Rape and Sexual Assault Resources





Rape Victims Advocates



180 N. Michigan

Hospital Advocacy

24-hour hotline

Individual, group and couples/family counseling for survivors of sexual assault.

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