Screening Tips For Adult Film/Porn Performers

Porn 101 – by the Adult Performer Advocacy Commitee

Tips For Adult Film Performers-

1) Research the business just like you would any other client, look it up. and are good resources. They have directories.

2) Understand the common practices. Know what your rates are for various jobs. Hourly is not legitimate. Per scene or per day is standard for pay rates in porn.

3) It’s easy to get gigs if you are willing to travel, especially to LA. There are not a lot of legitimate companies in Chicago, but there are legitimate individuals.

4) There’s a misconception that if you’re filming it, it’s legal. In order for you to be protected by the First Amendment, there has to be intent to distribute. If a client does the filming and distributes the film, it can still be illegal if it’s solely for sexual gratification. Just because there’s a camera present while you are being paid to perform a sexual act doesn’t mean it’s legal.

5) Check out websites that specifically staff for adult gigs:,,, If you have to pay to advertise, it’s going to be more legitimate than free sites. There are also legitimate talent agencies: World Modeling, LA Direct.

6) Ask lots of questions when you contact person when answering ads. Ask to see samples of their work. Ask to see a website domain. Ask if the have an LLC. Do they have information to show they are a legitimate company? Is there a studio or crew? If they can’t answer any of these questions, be wary.

7) How are they communicating with you? Are they respectful? Do they have a concept? Or is it just a guy who “wants to make porn?”

8 ) Ask about 2257 records keeping. If they don’t know what this is, they aren’t legitimate and can’t distribute. You will need to show an ID and sign release upon performing if they are legitimate.

9) Ask what their distribution intention is. Anybody can be on YouPorn. Websites and DVDs are harder to do.

10) Get real name of business owner and Google everything about them that you can.

11) If they aren’t emailing you from a legitimate business .com email address, they aren’t hiring for Playboy or Vivid.

12) Ask about STD testing. Most all adult performers in the US get tested through AIM and not local clinics. AIM has different types of HIV tests that your local clinics and cost more. If you are performing without condoms, you must insist on this type of testing. You CAN get AIM tested in Chicago and cities outside of LA.

13) If you are auditioning, it’s common to have to get naked or (for men) erect, but not to give samples of your sexual performance. Do not work for people or companies that ask you to do this.

14) If you are asked to perform for a “private collection”, treat them like you would an erotic service client and screen. This is not legal.

15) If you answer an ad and it says “Today” or “Tomorrow”, it’s not legitimate. You can’t do 2257 and STD testing same day.

16) Be aware of what you are getting into and ask for pay up front if the person you are working for seems shady. Ask for pay in cash if it is not an established company. Bring a friend or bodyguard with you if you are nervous.

Additional Resources

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6 comments on “Screening Tips For Adult Film/Porn Performers

  1. towtruckpanties says:

    AIM does RNA HIV testing, which is in fact offered by both the St. James Infirmary and City Clinic in SF. FOR FREE!. AIM’s standard industry testing package only screens for urinary infections and does NOT screen for anal or throat infections. If there are any ass or oral scenes, you and other models on the set are not protected. AIM does not offer Hep A & B vaccines either. AIM is a great option, but they are not the only option and I think it would be great if SWOP-Chicago could state that on your site.

  2. Serpent says:

    Good to know but I think the average person in Chicago, if not using AIM, would go to a a clinic that offers a standard ELISA test as opposed to the PCR test. If doing a condomless scene, this is very problematic. Are you aware of any clinics in Chicago that offer PCR testing?

  3. towtruckpanties says:

    If someone is looking for a *free* HIV test than they are likely to get the anti-body (ELISA) test as it is a standard test in the majority of clinics, that looks for the immune response to HIV so the window period is about 3 months (with a few folks it’s 6 months).

    But if you are going to *pay* for a test that is looking for the HIV virus itself (RNA testing, like with AIM) I am sure you can get it a lot of places in Chicago, at a Dr.s office for example. Infection to the HIV virus will show in this test in about 10 days. After an acute infection, the HIV virus levels will drop and not necessarily show in an RNA test (the AIM test) but HIV anti-bodies, once developed, will always show in the standard HIV test (ELISA) offered in most clinics. This test is not a substitute to anti-body testing, so models should also get regular antibody testing.

    This site gives you some fast tips on the test

    My comments are not an issue with AIM necessarily, but that the information on the site was thin in spots. Since the basic package of testing with AIM does not include oral and anal collections for STIs, them a lot can be missed. As well, if a model gets HIV RNA testing but has an undetectable viral load, for whatever reason, then this will also be missed. I am not suggesting models not use AIM. But I want to make sure the readers understand all the risks with the AIM testing/no condoms model.

    Moreover, with AIM , unlike any other place you get tested, your test results will not be held confidential. So read the information release very carefully. It can be very uncomfortable/embarrassing to arrive at a shoot and be told by your agent or someone else on the set that you have an infection and need to go home to get treated or worse, HIV care. So, you may wanna think about getting your tests done somewhere else first, for free.

    At this point AIM is pretty much the only place the straight industry studios will accept. This is of course *exactly* how it is in Nevada brothels in which the workers are expected to pay high fees to test exclusively with the Drs of the Brothels choice (but condoms are required there). I am not sure how many studios will accept Talent Testing, but I heard they are also an option. I don’t know what tests they offer.

    I guess I would say, if you wanna work, pay your fee and get your “clearance to work,” because that is what you are paying with AIM: NOT for optimal testing. But if it was me, I would at least get my free rapid HIV testing at a clinic first, before AIM, and then my STI tests (from my butt, throat and vagina) after I got home from the shoot.

    In most cases, you wont catch anything, but it does happen, especially in condom free studios. If you can work for a company that uses condoms for the protection of all the models, than that is optimal.

    Good luck.

  4. Sasha Sutherland says:

    Thank you for this! I am a newbie and I am going in kind of blindly. I am not stupid, but I do not know all the questions and business terms to use when verifying that a production agency is legit. I wish I had a mentor or something. But this was hugely helpful, thank you!

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