ISO a Sex-Worker-Friendly…

Unfortunately, SWOP does not have the capacity to provide direct health, legal, or counseling services to individuals in the sex trade.

However, we can recommend the following Sex-Worker-Friendly Resources:

Check out PROS Network Chicago for a comprehensive guide of service providers for sex workers

Health/Medical Care Providers

Therapists, Counselors, Psychiatrists & Psychologists

Domestic Violence Hotline, Counseling, Housing and Hotline

Sexual Assault Hotline, Counseling and Hospital Advocacy

Anti-GLBT Violence, Discrimination and Harassment or Violence by Law Enforcement Officials

Legal Services

Harm-Reduction Organizations

Sex-Worker-Friendly Businesses

Other Sex Worker Organizations

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  1. […] and hand-outs around legal and safety-information for sex workers, and publishes lists of service providers (lawyers, doctors/clinics, agencies, business, and organizations) that provide sex-worker-friendly, […]

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