ISO Industry-Friendly…

Unfortunately, SWOP-Chicago does not have the capacity to provide direct medical or mental health, legal, or counseling services to individuals in the sex trade.

However, we can recommend the following sex worker-friendly resources:

Check out PROS Network Chicago for a comprehensive guide of service providers for sex workers

Health/Medical Care Providers

Therapists, Counselors, Psychiatrists & Psychologists

Domestic Violence Hotline, Counseling, Housing and Hotline

Sexual Assault Hotline, Counseling and Hospital Advocacy

Anti-GLBT Violence, Discrimination and Harassment or Violence by Law Enforcement Officials

Legal Services

Harm-Reduction Organizations

Sex-Worker-Friendly Businesses

Other Sex Worker Organizations

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  1. […] and hand-outs around legal and safety-information for sex workers, and publishes lists of service providers (lawyers, doctors/clinics, agencies, business, and organizations) that provide sex-worker-friendly, […]

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