Academic Resources

This is currently a work in progress. Check back frequently for updates. Contact our academic resources person to any specific questions about statistics, facts, theory, or other questions, or for book, film, article, or other resource recommendations.

Collected links and resources online
Sin City Alternative Professionals’ Association: Very extensive list of resources on sex work, both nationally and internationally
Michael Goodyear: Extensive collection of resources on sex work, especially internationally and as related to policy and the law


Bass, Allison. Getting Screwed: Sex Workers and the Law                                                Brents, Barbara. The State of Sex: Tourism in the New American Heartland.              Chapkis, Wendy. Live Sex Acts.
Sanders, Teela. Sex Work: A Risky Business.
Sanders, Teela. Paying for Pleasure: Men Who Buy Sex.
Weitzer, Ronald. Sex for Sale.
Weitzer, Ronald. Legalizing Prostitution: From Illicit Vice to Lawful Business.
New Zealand Law Review Committee. Report of the Prostitution Law Review Committee on the Operation of the Prostitution Reform Act 2003.

Autobiographies and Collections by Sex Workers
Angell, Jeanette. Callgirl.
Barton, Bernadette. Stripped.
Burana, Lily. Strip City.
Delacoste, Frederique. Sex Work.
Eaves, Elisabeth. Bare.
Cody, Diablo. Candy Girl.
Oakley, Annie (editor). Working Sex.
Tea, Michelle. Rent Girl.

Sex Workers and Clients
Bernstein, Elizabeth. Temporarily Yours.
Egan, Danielle R. Dancing for Dollars, Paying for Love.
Egan, Danielle R., and Frank, Katherine. Flesh for Fantasy.
Frank, Katherine. G-Strings and Sympathy.
Sanders, Teela. Paying for Pleasure.

Globalization and Sex Work
Augstin, Laura. Sex at the Margins.
Katsulis, Yasmina. Sex Work and the City.
Kempadoo, Kamala (editor). Trafficking and Prostitution Reconsidered.
Kempadoo, Kamala (editor). Global Sex Workers.
Kempadoo, Kamala. Sun, Sex, and Gold

The Whore Stigma: Female Dishonor and Male Unworthiness, La Haye, DCE, 1986

A Vindication of the Rights of Whores, ed. Gail Pheterson, The Seal Press, 1989.

The Prostitution Prism, Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 1996.

Sex Work and Activism

Brock, Debra. Making Work, Making Trouble: Prostitution as a Social Problem.

Melissa Gira Grant, Playing the Whore, 2014.


Live Nude Girls Unite! (Julia Query,
Our Bodies, Our Minds (Rebecca Alvin,


Research Methodologies and Considerations

Agustín, Laura. 2005. “The Cultural Study of Commercial Sex.” Sexualites, 8(5):621–634.
Frank, Katherine. 2007. “Thinking Critically about Strip Club Research.” Sexualities, 10(4): 501-517.
Vanwesenbeeck, Ine. 2001. “Another Decade of Social Scientific Work on Sex Work: A Review of Research 1990-2000.” Annual Review of Sex Research, 12: 242-7.
Weitzer, Ronald.  2010. “The Ethnography of Prostitution: New International Perspectives,” Contemporary Sociology, v. 39: 262-269.
Weitzer, Ronald.  2009. “Sociology of Sex Work,” Annual Review of Sociology, v. 35: 213-234.

Sex workers, Interactions with Clients, and Identities

Bernstein, Elizabeth. 2007. “Sex Work for the Middle Classes.” Sexualities, 10(4): 473-488.

Brewis, Joanna, and Linstead, Stephen. 2002. “’The Worst Thing is the Screwing’: Consumption and the Management of Identity in Sex Work.” Gender, Work, and Organization, 7(2): 84-97.

Levitt, Steven, and Venkatesh, Sudhir. 2007. “An Empirical Analysis of Street-Level Prostitution.” Unpublished. Retrived Jan. 20, 2009 (

Murphy, Alexandra, and Venkatesh, Sudhir. 2006. “Vice Careers: The Changing Contours of Sex Work in New York City.” Qualitative Sociology, 29(2): 129-154.

Trautner, Mary Nell. 2005. “Doing Gender, Doing Class: The Performance of Sexuality in Exotic Dance Clubs.” Gender and Society, 19(6): 771-788.

Weitzer, Ronald. 2007. “Prostitution as a Form of Work.” Sociology Compass,1(1): 143–155.

Philosophical Debate

Case, Mary Anne. 2005. “Pets or Meat.” Chicago-Kent Law Review, Vol. 80.

Overall, Christine. 1992. “What’s Wrong with Prostitution? Evaluating Sex Work.”Signs, 17(4): 705-24.

Shrage, Laurie.  1994. “Comment on Overall’s ‘What’s Wrong with Prostitution? Evaluating Sex Work’”. Signs, 19(2): 564-570.

Shrage, Laurie.  1997. “Feminist Perspectives on Sex Markets.” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Retrieved Jan. 20, 2009 (

  Vance, Carol. 2011. Thinking Trafficking, Thinking Sex. GLQ, 17 (1): 135-143.
Wolkowitz, Carol. 2006. “Will Any Body Do?” Ch. 7. Bodies at Work. Sage Publications, Ltd: London, UK.


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