About SWOP

Sex Workers Outreach Project Chicago [SWOP-Chicago] is a grassroots organization dedicated to improving the lives of current and former sex workers in the Chicago area, on and off of the job.

SWOP-Chicago members are current and former sex workers — including prostitutes, professional dominants, porn actors, strippers, and sex educators — and academic and activist allies, working together to ensure that sex workers are allowed healthy and fulfilling labor and lives. We represent a diverse range of experience and background.

To learn more about SWOP’s approach & vision, click here.  For up-to-date information on events & projects, click here.

Our website consists of resources and information for sex workers and allies as well as media.

Under Resources for Sex Workers, individuals in the sex trade can access forms to report a bad encounter with a service provider, informational hand-outs on screening & safety, legal & tax advice, and a list of other organizations that provide non-judgmental, sex-work-positive legal, medical, and therapeutic advice to workers.

Sex workers can also get  advice through our volunteer-operated warm-line: (312) 252-3880. . Click here to learn more about our capacity.

Under Learn About Sex Work, academics, social workers, medical practitioners and media workers can access a comprehensive list of academic research on the sex trade, a list of blogs & books by sex workers or former sex workers, a compact fact-sheet with statistics about prostitution and the sex trade, and  hand-outs with tips for writing about & working with sex workers, written by individuals in the sex trade.

Under the Get Involved Link, you can find online petition forms, up-to-date information about up-coming events & ongoing projects, and a donation form.


(312) 252-3880


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