Other Ways To Give

Other Ways To Give

Donate as a gift to a friend or in memory of a loved one

Donate online or via check or money-order, and provide the name of the individual the donation should recognize, as well as their address or email if they are to receive notification of the tribute.

Please contact meg@swop-chicago.org with questions or to discuss how commemorative donations should be recognized.

Donate directly to a specific aspect of our work!

Rent & Utilities  |  Peer Support and Workshops  |  Street Outreach

Sex Worker Art Group & Art Festival  |  Resource Maps & Service Provider Trainings

Give A Material or In-Kind Donation

SWOP-Chicago is always in need of items and services, including:

  • travel-sized toiletries and lubricant
  • non-perishable, individually packaged snacks
  • graphic and web design services
  • printing/copying (of hand-outs, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, etc).
  • space for events (benefits, fundraisers, trainings for sex workers, service providers, the general public, etc.)
  • in-kind donations (i.e. prizes for raffles, pens/bags/cup-holders/stickers with SWOP-logos on them, etc.)

Please contact info@swop-chicago.org if you have items or services you would like to donate as well. Thank you!

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