PROS Network Chicago, Website Launch!

Today is International Sex Worker Rights day, and we specifically chose today to launch the PROS Network Chicago Website:

After over a year of hard work, we’ve created a network of (to date) over 25 health-care, legal, counseling, and harm harm-reduction practitioners and agencies with over 40 locations throughout Chicago, all offering affirming, client-centric, and harm-reduction-oriented services to individuals currently or previously involved in the sex trade/the adult entertainment industry. See our website for a full list of current PROS Network Members!

The PROS Network is a directory of direct service providers and legal, medical and mental health professionals who are capable of providing non-judgmental, client-centric and harm reduction-oriented services to individuals in the sex industry.
The purpose of the PROS Network is to connect individuals that by choice, circumstance or coercion, engage in sexual activities in exchange for money or other survival needs to non-judgmental and culturally appropriate services and resources.
The PROS Network – Chicago website includes:

This is only the soft launch. 

On May 8, 2013 we will have the PROS Network Chicago launch party!
We’ll be releasing the first batch of outreach material and celebrating the organizers who have been working on this project diligently for over a year and celebrate the organizations and individuals who have signed on, who are providing resources that makes a positive differences in the lives of so many individuals living and working in Chicago.
In Solidarity and Support,
Sex Workers Outreach Project – Chicago
PROS Network – Chicago

We are always looking to add PROS Network Members and expand knowledge and access to client-centric, affirming, harm-reduction-oriented services for individuals involved in the sex trade.
If you are a helping professional or represent an agency and are interested in joining the PROS Network, please email for more information. Signing PROS Network Partners can fill out an e-contract here, or they can request a printable form to be emailed or mailed to them.
If you are a current/former sex worker, please recommend a few of your favorite resources here  or give feedback on any of the resources we have listed on our website at:!

SWOP-Chicago meeting: April 15, 2009

The next SWOP-Chicago meeting will be Wednesday, April 15, 7-9PM. We will be discussing and accepting input on creating quick-access literature for sex workers in various aspects of the industry, namely information on their legal rights. This is part of our outreach efforts. We will also be announcing upcoming events in the Chicagoland area related to SWOP, the sex industry and other social action events as well as our next meeting date. As always, we want to discuss the best ways we can reach out to other sex workers and communities not involved in SWOP, or those who are in need of support. We hope you can come out and join our growing community. Your help and support is appreciated, even if you just want to attend a single meeting.

ABOUT US: SWOP-Chicago is a human rights organization with the specific aim of outreach and social action efforts on behalf of sex worker rights. The organization is consists of and is led by current and former sex workers, sex worker allies, social rights activists, and sex worker positive feminists, academics and students. Our meetings are open to all sex workers current or former and our allies; however, you do not have to identify as such if you are not comfortable in doing so. We strive to create as safe a space for our open meetings and respect anonymity.

Meeting details:


360 N. Michigan Ave., 8th Floor

Chicago, IL

Wednesday April 15, 2009: 7-9 pm

Outreach Training this Saturday

On Saturday Oct 18th, SWOP will be holding a training downtown at 3pm for anyone interested in doing joining our street outreach team. We will go over some important information about crisis management and talk about our approach. We’ll talk about how to handle difficult situations (should they arise), how we will deal with harassment, and other important points.

Please RSVP to, or if you cannot attend but are interested. Snacks will be provided!

This is a really exciting opportunity for sex workers and their allies to reach out to their community. Hope to see you there!