Five Easy Ways to Support Sex Worker Rights – July, 2012

Here are five easy ways to get involved in sex worker activism without leaving your laptop… in other words, activism you can squeeze in between checking you friends’ facebook stati & tweeting:

1.) Tell Service Providers how they can be more sex-worker-friendly: In conjunction with our PROS network, SWOP-Chicago is developing a training for medical, mental health, and social work-professionals who work with individuals in the sex trade.

No one knows what individuals in the sex trade need & want more than sex workers. (Duh)

We really want your input. Give a few 2-3 sentence tips about how service providers can better serve you and gain your trust via our web-form here.

2.) Fill out SWOP-Chicago’s Survey on Access to Essential Resources: Also in conjunction with our PROS network, SWOP-Chicago is gathering information about sex worker experiences with service providers (health care, social work, counseling and legal professionals) what services sex workers need, what prevents sex workers from accessing them.

Research is super-powerful! By sharing your own experiences trying to access essential resources while in the sex trade, you can help us advocate for policies and practices that will improve how easily sex workers get the services they need in the future.

3.) Share why you became a sex worker activist/support sex worker rights with SWOP-USA: SWOP-USA and other sex worker rights organizations frequently are attacked for being elitist or ‘pimp-led.’ By writing a few sentences about yourself and why you became a sex worker activist, you can help dispel these rumors & misconceptions. Share your story using the SurveyMonkey form here:

4.)  Tell SWOP-NYC why internet advertising is important to you: Since the first law suit against craigslist, abolitionist organizations have been waging a legal war against online adult entertainment advertising sites. Frequently, these attacks feature personal stories of individuals who were pimped or trafficked via. online adult entertainment websites. Stories are important … and we have stories too. SWOP-NYC will be publishing these stories on their website, using them when they are contacted about campaigns by media reps, and sending them to legislators & policy makers. Make your voice heard!! 

5.) Sign the “Call to Change US Policy on HIV & Sex Workers,” and tweet, blog, & facebook post about sex-work related activism at the International Aids Conference. The International Aids Conference is a great platform for U.S. sex workers to advocate for their rights… and to advocate against U.S.-driven policies that harm sex workers nation-wide. You can sign the petition here, and learn more about Sex worker related activism at the International Aids Conference here: or on the Global Network of Sex Worker Project’s Website.

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