Support Street Outreach with Chicago Sex Workers!

SWOP-Chicago is pleased to announce an online fundraiser to continue our street outreach efforts.
As we enter Chicago winter, consider supporting the street-based sex work community in our city! Your donation to SWOP-Chicago allows us to continue seeing over 100 street-based workers a week at three different locations.  We provide free condoms, HIV testing, clean needles, toiletries, snacks, and legal resources. By offering a consistent presence on the street, led by and for sex workers, we hope to provide a safe space for people to access resources, network, and support each other. 
Many of the most marginalized and vulnerable members of the sex work community are street-based.  In a time of increased criminalization of sex work—which disproportionately affects people of color, trans and gender nonconforming people, and people with undocumented status—the urgency of meeting the needs of workers has only increased.  Join us as we build community, resources, and support systems together!
We are thankful for donations of any size — small or large, every dollar helps the community!  We are also happy to offer special thank-yous for the following donors:
  • Donations of $20 — A SWOP-Chicago button
  • Donations of $50 — A bouquet of “Hug a Ho” Stickers
  • Donations of $150 — A SWOP-Chicago T-Shirt
  • Donations of $250 — A SWOP-Chicago Tote Bag with Handmade Sex Worker Harm Reduction Zines
  • Donations of $1000 — A SWOP-Chicago Tote Bag with T-Shirt
  • Donations of $2500 — A Tote Bag stuffed with Condoms, two T-Shirts, Stickers, Zines, and Buttons
Thank-You gifts will be available at our December 17 International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers day or mailed directly to donors. 
Learn more or donate at

Statement Regarding Eros Raid


On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, agents of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security raided a Youngsville, NC call center operated by Eros-Guide, a listing service widely used by adult providers to advertise their services and find work. Along with the shutdown earlier this year of adult advertising on Backpage, another listing service, this development compounds sex workers’ already-high risk of dangerous working conditions and economic precarity.

The raid was conducted under a warrant that alleged “cross-border illegal activity,” underscoring the crucial intersection of sex workers with immigrants and other groups made vulnerable by marginalization. Individuals frequently turn to sex work because their immigrant and/or other marginalized status excludes them from other jobs and sources of income. Immigrants, people of color, and LGBTQ people engaging in sex work are especially likely to be endangered by government shut-downs of resources such as Eros-Guides, which provide workers with a relatively safe forum in which to advertise and connect with clients.

Tuesday’s raid and similar law-enforcement events force sex workers into increasingly dangerous conditions, while doing little to curtail the sex trade or protect trafficked individuals. Without online spaces such as Eros to continue making a living, sex workers are forced further underground, into street-based work or organized crime spaces. This erases workers’ independence and reduces their earning potential, while placing them at greater risk of violence from pimps, clients, and law enforcement.

SWOP-Chicago joins the international sex-workers-rights community in condemning the criminalization of sex workers and their clients, and calling for the full decriminalization of the sex industry. Only decriminalization can address the endangerment and marginalization of sex workers, while keeping control of the market and working conditions in the hands of workers themselves. SWOP-Chicago embraces a harm-reduction model in advocating for the human rights of sex workers, while providing direct services to Chicago’s sex work community in the form of street-based outreach, free legal clinics, and support groups.

Free Legal Clinic 11/19 — New Location!

SWOP legal clinic offers free legal support for sex workers, trans individuals, and people experiencing unstable housing!

Drop by our legal clinic this Sunday, 4-7pm at our new location at Lifeworks Psychotherapy in the loop (120 W. Madison, Suite 920, Chicago, IL 60602).  If you are having troubles finding us, please call (872) 228-7532.

We can take on any issue, civil or criminal.

Contact us to complete an intake form at e-mail

New Monthly Meeting Location

We have a ***New Location*** for our regular monthly meetings. Thank you to the Read/Write Library Chicago! Located at 914 N. California Ave (entrance on Walton).

Join us as we look ahead to plans for activism and community in the coming months. We’ll be discussing the upcoming International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (Dec 17), our legal clinic, street outreach, support group, and upcoming events.

We meet every second Wednesday at 7pm. That means our next meeting is November 8. All sex workers and allies are welcome!

New volunteers may email for more info on how to get involved.

Tomorrow! Sex Worker Support Group — New Location!

All current and retired sex workers are welcome to attend our monthly support group, held in a safe and inclusive space with therapists from Lifeworks Psychotherapy. The group meets the first Saturday of every month. We hope to see you there!  Come for support and/or to offer support!


Please note our new location and time for this Saturday, 11/2!


Howard Brown

4025 N Sheridan, Chicago

1:15pm-2:45pm (the location closes at 3pm)

The location is a few steps from the Sheridan redline stop and there is often street parking within a couple blocks.

Free Legal Clinic October 25!

SWOP legal clinic offers free legal support for sex workers, trans individuals, and people experiencing unstable housing!

Drop by our legal clinic this Wednesday, 5pm-8pm at 405 W Superior St. We can take on any issue, civil or criminal.

Contact us to complete an intake form at e-mail