6 Great Reasons to Donate to SWOP-Chicago

Got spare change from holiday shopping? 

Here are 6 great reasons to donate some of it to Sex Workers Outreach Project-Chicago

SWOP-Chicago Collage

1.) We’re the only organization in Chicago focused on providing neutral, non-judgmental resources and support to and advocacy on behalf of people involved in the sex trade:

While there are a number of organizations that provide exit-based resources to individuals involved in the sex trade as well as trafficking victims, no other organization provides and refers a broad spectrum of individuals in the industry. Based on conversations, we’re are one of very few organizations a lot of people feel comfortable going to. 

2.) We’re all volunteer run:

That means every dollar you give goes directly to supplies for street-outreach, space & snacks for supportive events, and printing/web-hosting costs for educational materials.


3.) We’re Peer-Led:

SWOP-Chicago includes current & former sex workers in leadership, meaning that our programming is created by and for the population we intend to serve.


4.) There’s a lot of bang for every donated buck:

 In 2014, we expect to distribute 50-70,000 condoms, on par with the distribution numbers of organizations with much larger operating budgets. And in 2013, with an operating budget of appx. $4,000 for 2013, we’ve distributed 13,000 condoms, created a web-based Health & Safety Q&A ap for sex workers, answered over 90 hotline calls from trafficking victims and sex workers,  handed out 1000 resource maps of non-judgmental services, gave trainings to staff at appx 10 organizations, and hosted 6 community-wide events. 

5.) We help the broader community as well:

Our outreach in Garfield Park also provides hot beverages, baked goods and safer sex supplies to a high-poverty neighborhood. We also provide condoms to individuals, party/event organizers, and stores. And our safer-sex FAQ webpage is utilized by a broad and diverse group of online users.


6.) We have a really exciting 2014 planned:

We’re hoping to start offering legal services to individuals involved in the sex trade in conjunction with another organization; We’re going to increase our supportive programming; and we’re going to engage in better organized public education efforts. 

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