Monthly Sex Worker Support Group May 6th


Join us for our monthly sex worker support group in conjunction with Lifeworks Psychotherapy Center on Saturday, May 6th from 4-5:30pm. Whether you are a (current or former) sex worker in need of support or a sex worker willing to offer support to others, please join us! This group meets at 405 W Superior St, 7th Floor, Chicago, IL 60654.

Topic: Economics & Personal Life.

April’s meeting about relationships brought up the intersections between economic and personal life, and how both the ebb and flow of income and the secrecy and concern around financial disclosure affect stress and connections with others. This month, we’ll follow that thread further to explore the unique impacts sex work can have on financial well being, stress and management.

In our May meeting, we invite you to gather around and share your experiences, struggles, skills and resources related to financial life and economic identity.

Note: The monthly topic is a starting place for conversation and connection. Our intention is to follow the needs and interests of those in attendance. If you would like support or feedback on another topic or issue, please feel free to speak to a facilitator at the outset of the group or to share in the group.


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