Walk-In Legal Clinic February 22nd

SWOP’s Legal Clinic will be hosted next Monday, February 22 at

Centro Autonomo

3460 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

(Look for the SWOP signs– Second Floor)

Chicago, IL

Time: 6:00-8:30pm

The SWOP-Chicago CALA Clinic is a free, full-service legal clinic for individuals currently or previously involved in adult industries/sex work or impacted by the stigma and criminalization of sex work. It provides a wide-range of criminal and civil law services from advice and community legal education to representation.  All legal services, including full representation, are completely free of charge to qualifying clients.

The SWOP Community Activism Law Clinic provides free legal services to:

*Individuals who have been profiled as sex workers or adult workers (by police, employers, landlords, or other entities)

*Individuals who are involved or who were formerly involved in sex work or adult work, including:

-working as an escort, dancing in a strip club, web-camming, sensual massage, engaging in fetish or pro-dom/pro-sub work, acting in adult film or nude modeling; and/or

-engaging in dating, relationships, sexual activities, or intimacy with someone for money, housing, gifts, drugs, or other things; and/or

-relying on someone you’re intimate with someone for money, housing, gifts, drugs, or other things.

*Individuals who have been homeless or have relied on crashing with friends for housing within the last 12 months.

Services Offered

  • Criminal Defense
  • Criminal Records: expungement, sealing, vacating convictions
  • Family Law: divorce, child custody, child support, DCFS
  • Housing: eviction, security deposits, vouchers
  • Public Benefits: food stamps, medical card, SSI & SSD
  • Employment: discrimination, overtime, minimum wage, unemployment benefits
  • Police Misconduct
  • Education: expulsions, special education
  • Other areas of civil law

We can provide full legal representation for Illinois residents and individuals with cases/legal issues in Illinois.

We can provide phone consultation, legal education, do legal research around questions, and offer local referrals to community members around the United States.

Questions? Stop by our walk-in clinic on the 22nd or contact Vera by email Vera@SWOP-Chicago.org or phone (312)715-8372.

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