CALA | SWOP-Chicago Legal Clinic – New Lawyer & New Services!

It’s that time of the month again… time for our monthly legal clinic!

1700 S. Loomis, Chicago, IL.​

Sunday May 17th | 3-6PM

 Monday May 18th | 6-9PM

All services are free of charge.

The clinic Accepts Walk-Ins, and you can also pre-schedule an appointment via our online intake​ form.  (or call 312-999-0056.)

If the clinic times or dates don’t work, we can do intake and offer general legal consultation, advice and education via phone at other times. Use our online intake form to schedule an appointment (or call 312-999-0056.)

Got Questions? Call 312-999-0056 or email!

Beyond sending friendly reminder about our monthly clinic, we have a few exciting new updates about the legal clinic…

New Lawyer!

Tim Myers

Timothy Myers, Staff Attorney & Volunteer/Intern Coordinator Photography by Thomas Alaan – from CALA website

The Community Activism Law Alliance has recently added Timothy Myers to their team. Tim is fluent in Spanish, and is “motivated by the opportunity to make a difference in the community, and he sees his law degree as a tool to do so. Tim’s interest in activism and serving the public interested started early. During college, Tim was active advocating for immigrant rights in Voces de la Frontera, a grassroots political organization supporting Milwaukee’s immigrant community.”

Tim is generally wonderful and we love him. We also love that he he has experience with criminal law, which means…

New Services!

We are so excited to now be able to represent folks facing criminal charges that relate to their industry involvement, in addition to the comprehensive civil law services previously available.

Clinic Services Offered

  • Criminal Defense
  • Criminal Records: expungement, sealing, vacating convictions
  • Family Law: divorce, child custody, child support, DCFS
  • Housing: eviction, security deposits, vouchers
  • Public Benefits: food stamps, medical card, SSI & SSD
  • Employment: discrimination, overtime, minimum wage, unemployment benefits
  • Police Misconduct
  • Education: expulsions, special education
  • Other areas of civil law

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