9/6: Reception for Monica Jones + TJLP ‘Zine Release

Join Monica Jones, Project NIA, Sex Workers Outreach Project – Chicago & Transformative Justice Law Project on Saturday, September 6 for an evening of food, music, and community.


The reception will feature a talk by LBGT and Sex Worker Rights activist, Monica Jones, and speeches by individuals from the Transformative Justice Law Project to celebrate the release of the second volume of their ‘zine “Hidden Expressions.”

Saturday, September 6 | 6-9pm | Opening Remarks begin at 6:30pm

Jane Addams Hull House Museum | 800 S. Halsted,  Chicago, IL

About Monica Jones
monicaMonica Jones is an LGBT and sex worker rights activist who lives in Phoenix. She is a also a student at Arizona State University’s School of Social Work and a member of SWOP Phoenix (Sex Worker Outreach Project).

During sting operations lead by Project ROSE, a compulsory diversion program in May 2013, Monica spoke at a community event protesting the program. The next evening, as the Project ROSE stings continued, police arbitrarily arrested Monica and charged her with “manifesting prostitution.” Monica was convicted in April 2014 of “manifesting prostitution” and, with the help of the ACLU and SWOP Phoenix, is currently appealing the conviction.

Monica will be travelling to Australia to intern at the sex worker organization Scarlet Alliance.

About Hidden Expressions v. 2
We invite you to celebrate the release of the Transformative Justice Law Project’s (TJLP) Hidden Expressions Volume 2, a zine showcasing fabulous stories, artwork, erotica, how-to guides, survival tips, and poetry created by and for incarcerated transgender and gender nonconforming people. The goal of this publication is to combat the isolation and silence that the prison-industrial complex inflicts by connecting incarcerated trans and gender non-conforming people with each other, as well as with their friends, family, allies, and the larger Prison Abolition movement, both inside and outside of prisons and jails.

This volume is the result of two and a half years of mail correspondence and collaboration among three transgender women in prison and one trans woman on the outside. With this ‘zine, we aim to share our wisdom, stories, and strategies with each other, to support the revolutionary organizing that is happening already on the inside, and to set ourselves on our own path to liberation. We believe that as a collective of transgender people impacted by the prison system, we have the responsibility to support each other’s survival, and working on this ‘zine alone has breathed life into the four of us and our contributors. We are deeply inspired by these artists, writers, and revolutionaries, and we are thrilled to celebrate their resilience and resistance!

Sponsored by…
Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois | Sex Workers Outreach Project – Chicago | Project NIA

If you are unable to attend and want to support Monica Jones court costs and travel fees, you can donate directly via paypal to: freedom.for.monica@gmail.com


2 comments on “9/6: Reception for Monica Jones + TJLP ‘Zine Release

  1. Enid Vazquez says:

    Read more about this brave woman at Windy City Times – “Arizona student fights for right to walk while trans” (http://www.windycitymediagroup.com/lgbt/Arizona-student-fights-for-right-to-walk-while-trans/46817.html) and “Monica Jones found guilty under prostitution ordinance” (http://www.windycitymediagroup.com/lgbt/Monica-Jones-found-guilty-under-prostitution-ordinance/47015.html).

  2. […] Join Monica Jones, Project NIA, SWOP-Chicago + TJLP for an evening of food, celebration & community. For more information, click here! […]

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