SWOP Gift Shop!


Been jonesing after our tees, buttons & ‘zines?

Happy to announce:

Now you can move from coveting to owning without leaving your desk…

Check out our new Online Gift Shop! 



**Please Help Us Spread the Word!**

We’d be incredibly grateful for your support in helping us spread the word about the gift shop!!! Share a link of Facebook or Twitter. Tell a Friend. “Follow” or “favorite” items on Etsy.

**We’d love to expand the Variety of our SWOP-Chicago Schwag!**

If there’s an item you think we should have [totes, pens, hats, bumber stickers], let us know!

Shoot an email to meg@swop-chicago.org

**We’d love to support and celebrate the crafty & artistic in our community!**

We’re eager to feature handmade work created by community members in our shop.

Professional or amateur ‘zine/print/jewlery-maker, button-presser, photographer or artist? Interested in creating or selling work to support SWOP-Chicago?

We’d love to promote and celebrate artists who donate works to SWOP-Chicago! We’d also love to partner with and support community artists and craftspersons interested in donating a portion of profits from select sales to our organization.

Shoot an email to meg@swop-chicago.org if you’re interested in partnering up!

 etsy shop




2 comments on “SWOP Gift Shop!

  1. Enid Vazquez says:

    Woo-hoo! I’ma Tweeting today! Can’t wait to get one of everything – or several! Love you guys, Enid

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