March 3 Brunch to Celebrate International Sex Worker Rights Day!

March 3rd is International Sex Worker Rights Day!

International Sex Worker Rights Day was started in 2001 in Calcutta by the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee, a Sex Worker Rights group comprised of more than 50,000 sex workers and members of their communities. In 2002, Durbar invited organizations from around the world to join them in commemorating Sex Worker Rights Day on March 3rd.

We felt strongly that that we should have a day what need to be observed by the sex workers community globally. Keeping in view the large mobilization of all types of global sexworkers [Female,Male,Transgender], we proposed to observe 3rd March as THE SEX WORKERS RIGHTS DAY.

Knowing the usual response of international bodies and views of academicians and intellectuals of the 1st world [many of them consider that sex workers of third world are different from 1st world and can’t take their decision] a call coming from a third world country would be more appropriate at this juncture, we believe. It will be a great pleasure to us if all of you observe the day in your own countries too…We need your inspiration and support to turn our dreams into reality.

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On Sunday, March 3rd, SWOP-Chicago invites sex workers, allies, and their communities to join us for an informal potluck brunch to celebrate local, national and international struggles to secure human rights for individuals in the sex trade, as well as the strength, resiliance and creativity of sex worker communities in Chicago and around the world.

Sex Worker Rights Day Brunch


12-1:20 – mingling, eating, laid-back music + silent projection of sex worker activism photos & film footage

1:20-1:25 – Speech about the history of Sex Worker Rights and International Sex Worker Rights Day

1:25-1:50 – Mingle and eat, or take part in an open mic / talk-circle

2:00-2:30 – Mingling, or take part in a Healing Circle led by Cassandra A.


Sunday, March 3rd from 12-2:30 p.m.


Potluck Brunch + Coffee

Open Mic + Healing Circle

We will be projecting photos and film-footage from local, national, and global sex worker marches, protests, and actions on silent throughout the event.


At a 3000 square-foot loft-coop near the Southport Brownline stop.

 RSVP to or via facebook for address!


We ask attendees to bring a desert, casserole, pastry or beverage, or make a small donation to SWOP-Chicago at the event.

For the “open mic/talk circle,” we invite attendees to share a 1-3 minute statement, speech, poem, etc. about why sex worker rights is important to them, support from the sex worker community, a victory they are inspired by, or a powerful moment as a sex worker or sex worker activist.

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