Tips for Service Providers!

Tell Us What Health Care Professionals, Case Workers, and Therapists Should Know about Working with Individuals in the Sex Trade!

SWOP-Chicago is developing a training for social workers, therapists & health care professionals–and we want your input.

We are looking for advice/tips from anyone currently or previously involved in the sex trade (including – but not limited to – erotic dance, domination, submission, adult film, fetish modeling, street work, escort work, & sensual massage).

You can share tips anonymously using the form below.

Some types of tips you could give:

  • Things agencies, clinics or therapists do or don’t do that make you hesitant to visit them. Or make you uncomfortable  sharing important information with them.
  • Things agencies, clinics, therapists, practitioners do that you like and that have been helpful.
  • Things you were told or called or ways you were treated that offended you.
  • Aspects of services that are important to you: do you want free/low-cost or sliding-scale services? Do you need late-night services, a 24-hour hotline, a drop-in center, anonymous services?
  • Things you think service providers should know about sex workers or sex work.

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