Vote on a New Slogan for SWOP-Chicago Gear!

SWOP-Chicago is printing a new batch of buttons…with new sex-work-positive messages!

And we want your input on what slogans to print on our new gear.

Voting is opened until 11 p.m. Monday, July 2 for our next batch of swag, but your input is always welcomed for future SWOP-Chicago Gear! Please vote for your favorite 2 or 3 slogans. Also, if another slogan comes to mind, feel free to let us know!

**NOTE – We can’t use slogans that have been used by other Sex Worker Rights Orgs on our material, like “Sex Work is Real Work,” “Be Nice to Sex Workers” “Turn off The Blue Light,” “It’s Our Business Doing Pleasure,” etc.


The winning slogans for the next round of SWOP-Gear (we added on votes submitted through our volunteer listserv) were:

  1. DEMAND Respect for Sex Workers
  2. Hug a Ho
  3. Some Pay for Pleasure. Some Pleasure for Pay. Get Over It.
  4. I ❤ Sex Workers.

We have three sticker designs & four buttons – come to the next SWOP-Chicago event to get your Summer 2012 SWOP-Schwag!


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