Transgender Day Of Remberance, Call For Submissions

Lets hear EVERYONE’s voice.

WHO: this is open to EVERYONE, particularly gender queer people AND allies of gender queers.
WHY: gender queers are often a target of violence (e.g. through sexwork).  This will create a place for voices that are often silenced to be heard.  This project will inspire!  It’s already doing so.
HOW: volunteer based.  Pretty much just me.  If anyone wants to help organize or submit a video, let me know!


–I’m creating a DVD compilation of VIDEO SUBMISSIONS OF POETRY – 2 min or less.
–Subject matter: Transgender Day of Remembrance, overcoming “difference,” hate crimes, gender queerness, anything having to do with being an ally to gender queer people, etc., etc., ect.
—- Participation is open to a global community!!!!  People who can’t attend a TDOR event in a city that is hosting it, can participate by sharing and receiving art in the form of video poetry.
–Email me with questions if you have them!

Thank you, and please SPREAD WIDELY.

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