“A Globe-Trotting Get Together” in honor of International Sex Worker Rights Day-Sunday, February 28

Sex Workers Outreach Project~Chicago is proud to support our bi-monthly Sex Worker-Only potluck brunches.

We strive to foster a safe space where we can let it all hang out, talk, support, laugh, share, & create much needed community. A big shout out & much love to all the sex workers in Chicago that have paved the way to make this happen. You know who you are & we love you!

This event shall be a private screened event, at rotating undisclosed private locations throughout the city with ever-changing fun themes.

R.S.V.P-ing & at least 2 professional references are required in order to ensure a safe space for all. To rsvp, kindly email sexworkchicago@gmail.com. Upon screening approval, all pertinent information will be sent to you. The guest list is secure & private & in order maintain safety, some folks might be turned away.

Only sex workers, former & present are invited. Sorry, no friends, allies, partners, or pets. We have plenty of other great events for all you folks!

This month, the theme shall be
“A Globe-Trotting Get-together!” in honor of International Sex Workers Rights Day. http://swopusa.org/March3/

Kindly bring a global dish from a sex worker community that inspires you…Check this out for some inspiration. http://www.nswp.org/ploneplone/members/orgmap

So break out your best frock and let’s celebrate sex workers worldwide!

This event is a safe space for all 18+ adult sex workers, former & present, regardless of gender, age, race, orenitation, or expression. Any questions, just email us. sexworkchicago@gmail.com

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