Monthly Pleasure Salon Continues Tuesday, May 5 at Villains Bar

The first Pleasure Salon went incredibly well — help make the second one even better! Announcing the second night of Chicago’s new sex-positive meetup: On Tuesday, May 5th between 6 and 10 P.M., come out to Villains — buy a sandwich or a drink — and hang out with Chicago’s sex-positive community. Pleasure Salon, every first Tuesday, is the place to talk about sex, culture and sexual fun!

This event is modeled on New York’s Pleasure Salon, “A Gathering of Sex-Positive Activists”. We want to build networks among all kinds of sex-positive people and create an open exchange of ideas about sex. All are welcome.

Pleasure Salon is hosted by Clarisse Thorn, Serpent Libertine and The Ultimates, and co-organized with the awesome Pleasure Salon Committee: Cunning Minx, Aspasia Bonasera, S.I.R., Arvan Reese, Ben, and Robyn. We all want you to attend Pleasure Salon — whether you identify as

+ a sexuality activist,
+ a sex worker,
+ a pornographer,
+ a swinger,
+ a polyamory practitioner,
+ a tantric practitioner,
+ a sex educator,
+ a free speech advocate,
+ a progressive pastor,
+ an AIDS worker,
+ a radical feminist,
+ a student,
+ not at all studious,
+ skeptical about our politics and aims,
+ or just someone who likes talking about sex!

Help us create a more sex-positive world!

Pleasure Salon

Tuesday, May 5

6:00PM- 10:00PM

Villains Bar and Grill

649 S. Clark St.

Chicago , IL

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