Less than One Week Left For Desiree Alliance Registration-Ends July 10!

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the 2008 Desiree Alliance Conference in Chicago-all registration ends Thursday July 10 so register now or you will miss out!


This conference is taking place in Chicago this year only…so don’t “wait for next year.” It’s a great opportunity to connect with other sex workers from all over the world and learn more about the sex industry. Conference runs from July 16-20 and costs $200, which includes meals and party on July 19 at Big Chicks. Don’t miss out!

Some of the scheduled workshops include:

“Safety for Sex Workers Through personal Privacy – Legal and relatively simple ways for working and living out of harms way”

“Tantra: How it can uplift the plight and struggle of sex workers and clientele”

“Self marketing and self branding: How to run a profitable (and more safe) sex worker business”

“Safety 411”

“Falling Through All the Cracks: Young adult transgender sex workers”

“Challenging Discrimination Among Sex Workers: Reconstructing ‘sex work'”

“Bad Date Line: How to start, run + maintain a dam good project”

“Sex Workers Against Rape”

“Sex Workers Rights and Direct Services in Urban Los Angeles”

“Adult Entertainer’ s Guide to Disabled Customers – 2008 Edition”

“We, Asian Sex Workers”

See you there!

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