Harm Reduction Training Collaborative on; *Women, Drug Use and Trauma:*

Please distribute widely… Harm Reduction Training Collaborative on; *Women, Drug Use and Trauma:* *Successfully Addressing Women’s Issues in Recovery*

Date: *Friday, 06/06/08*

Time: *10am – 1pm*

Location: MATEC 1640 W. Roosevelt Rd , Chicago , IL

Trainer: Maureen Rule, CMHC, Program Coordinator, Tierra del Sol: Women’s Residential Recovery Program Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless, Albuquerque , NM

Workshop participants will: Explore new ways of addressing women’s stability in housing and program involvement, including:

– Discussion of and appreciation for how focusing on drug use as a prerequisite for addressing other issues (such as housing or mental health, for e.g.) may actually discourage positive changes around drug use–and other behaviors that may have become problematic.

– Explore language around drug use and new ways of looking at “relapse”.

– Address the role of 12-step programs as one of many choices for addressing women’s addiction and other health issues within the context of women’s experiences of trauma.

– Understand at least two harm reduction-based interventions that encourage development of self-care and constructive communication of needs/goals/ decision- making.

– Resources for further exploration.

Ms. Rule comments, “We are not dealing with problem people, but rather people with problems. The brain changes that occur with trauma and with constant bombardment of use are very real. Harm reduction…reduces the burden on providers …The basis is care, respect…Women need to be given a voice, and taught how to do that in a constructive way, to learn how to be validated, how to get others to be open to hearing them, so that they can feel that they matter.”

Youth Services Director

Chicago Recovery Alliance


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